Silly Mini-Me

Last weekend I photographed my niece for her 7th birthday. This kid looks so much like me it’s bizarre.
I suppose to those that thought my older middle brother and I were twins it’s not that frazy.
But she’s my clone even down to the crazy cowlicky hair!

She’s even silly like me. (and my brother…he was a ham back in the day)

(Hopefully that tooth that is just about out comes out and the rest come in straight and she avoids the years and years of metal mouth I endured.)

She definitely has a mind of her own, though.
She knows what she wants, how she wants it, and isn’t afraid to ask for it!
THAT, is not from me.
That. is. pure. Bidjubee. (my daughter’s nickname for her)

I love you, mini-me.

Jeff & Susanna – Part Two

A few more sneak peeks of the wedding.

A prayer for Susanna & Jeff

Susanna’s mother Lucia sang Ave Maria beautifully

I personally loved the guys attire. No stuffy tux for this Aussie farmer and his crew!

Homemade Stark Family Rum

Twall foundation annual golf outing

I had the pleasure earlier this month of attending and photographing the TWall Foundation’s annual golf outing to raise money for special needs children in the area. What a fun day. The weather was gorgeous and the foundation kids seemed to have a blast. Thanks Tom for another fun event!

twall golf outing 2010

This baby is going to have great hair.

Hard to believe I used to babysit this girl and french braid her hair and now she’s going to be a mama! (What’s funny is now SHE does my hair. There is a lot of it, and she does it well!!) She was up for anything I asked her to do during the shoot. Even balanced that belly on 3″ heels and train tracks! Her husband could be the nicest person I’ve ever met and is sure to be a sweet daddy. This bump is one lucky baby!!


Victor’s Day – Twall foundation

I had the privilege of being invited to the Twall foundation Victor’s day event to photograph the fun of the day. It is a morning set aside for special needs students from around the area to meet and mingle with University of Michigan student athletes in Crisler Arena. Both the students and the athletes (and myself!) had a great time. DJ Chris Clark spun tunes to get the festivities started and then the kids met and played sports with the athletes. Along with U-M’s Best Buddies program, the Twall foundation put on a great event! Thank you, Tom, for allowing me to join in on the fun!

Here are just a few photos from the morning. You can read more about it on


Beauty ignores Blah

Some days Mother Nature doesn’t care that you have a shoot. So you work with what you’ve got. The home owners in this session were wonderful letting me rearrange two rooms in their home to get a group photo on a cold, rainy, wet, December day.


Polka Dots, Argyle, and Smiles Oh My!

What I love about preschool kids a) the funny things that come out of their mouths and b) they prefer to dress themselves. Many times that turns out comical. Like a tutu with cowboy boots. Not this little fashionista. She perfectly matched her polka-dot bow with her polka dot dress. Which only adds to the adorableness of this sweet face. Now her brother obviously didn’t dress himself. The dapper little man was on. the. move! and could have cared less that his shirt came untucked. Good thing I was focused on their gorgeous faces.


Sweet boys

The older of these two boys is the sweetest, silliest, ladykilling little guy i’ve ever met. He was a great model for me…until I pushed it a wee too far and he fell off the stool I had him on. Lucky for me it was the end of the shoot and I’d gotten some great images before the tumble. And the younger? A trooper. He wasn’t feeling 100% and was rapidly heading toward nap time. Its all about timing people. And how many windows you have in your house in the dead cold of Michigan weather for available light. Note to self: when remodeling, get the bigger window.