Benore Family | Monroe, MI

I’m not sure I could have possibly had more fun than I did photographing this family.
Having two brothers myself, I know when they pick on you — it’s because you are close. Not because they hate you.

These two are so funny together and crack jokes left and right. You can just tell they’ve always been tight.

IMG_6936sd-copy IMG_6937sd-copy

IMG_6856fw-copy IMG_6903kC-copy

I have decided that every photo session needs a portrait of each person.
How many times do you have someone just take a photo of you?

IMG_6901sd-copy IMG_6882fw-copy

Love the hot red lips, not many can pull it off. She can.

IMG_6887fw-copy IMG_6890fw-copy

IMG_6785fwcopy IMG_6817fw-copy IMG_6836fw-copy IMG_6773fw-copy IMG_6768fw-copy

Thank you, Benore Family, for such a fun afternoon and sore cheeks from laughter.

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