Will M. – Saline Senior Portraits | Sneak peek

July in Michigan is finicky. The weather can be 70, or 100.
Unfortunately for Will, a Saline senior with patches up and down his WOOL varsity jacket,
it was 90 before noon. Brutal.

He took it like a man, (anything for mom, right Will?) and we got some great shots.

(while walking through downtown Saline I saw this stairwell. I love great finds like this.)

This guy breathes rugby.

How cool is this wall.

I asked Will what the Iron Man patch was for on his jacket.
It’s for not missing one practice or game.
That. Is. Dedication.

Thanks for melting putting up with me in the heat, Will.
Hope these make it worth it!

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  1. Nice pics – Enjoy this years, take in every monent. It goes by WAY to fast, because when it’s done it’s done.

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