Rain, Rain Go Away

Some days mother nature just isn’t in a good mood.
Unfortunately this day was one of them. (rain seems to be a re-occurring theme with me)
We did the best with what we had and these little ones are so cute
that even a dark rainy day can’t dull these shiny, happy kiddos!! (and their beautiful mama!)

what do you do when it rains?? run for cover in the playhouse!

what do you do when you’re one year old and it rains? embrace it and SPLASH!

There are moments when the rain…it just gets to you.
I personally love the blooper shots as much as the smiles.

(we rallied through the rain because these were for daddy’s day!
stay tuned for more with daddy and a more prominent #4 in that tiny mama’s belly!)

catching Ella was not as easy as her siblings — girlfriend is on. the. move.

and don’t forget the first born!
I’m not a dog person but this is one gorgeous horse, er,  I mean dog.
How sweet is that face??

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