Benore Family | Monroe, MI

I’m not sure I could have possibly had more fun than I did photographing this family.
Having two brothers myself, I know when they pick on you — it’s because you are close. Not because they hate you.

These two are so funny together and crack jokes left and right. You can just tell they’ve always been tight.

IMG_6936sd-copy IMG_6937sd-copy

IMG_6856fw-copy IMG_6903kC-copy

I have decided that every photo session needs a portrait of each person.
How many times do you have someone just take a photo of you?

IMG_6901sd-copy IMG_6882fw-copy

Love the hot red lips, not many can pull it off. She can.

IMG_6887fw-copy IMG_6890fw-copy

IMG_6785fwcopy IMG_6817fw-copy IMG_6836fw-copy IMG_6773fw-copy IMG_6768fw-copy

Thank you, Benore Family, for such a fun afternoon and sore cheeks from laughter.

Autumn | Westland Newborn

I snapped a few photos of my newest niece (and her big brother and sister) at our family cottage a few weeks ago.
She’s such a tiny peanut, and so adorable.

(little stinker wiggled out of my swaddle faster than I could move!)

How sweet is this!!???

Camille + Bridget | mini-me’s

My nieces and I had a blast running around downtown finding the best spot.
It has been so much fun photographing them over the last 1o years and watching them grow.

(I did not pose them like this, they just love that much)

If you noticed, they were barefoot the whole session until these outfits.

They LOVE Justice clothes. That store gives me a headache just walking by…so :bright:

Their shoes were so distracting I made them take them off, much to Cami’s chagrin.

Ricketts Family | sneak peek | Ann Arbor MI

This fun family of boys and their gorgeous mama/wife
(mom is seriously outnumbered by big tough guys)
braved the chilly fall morning to play some ball and goof around
outside at grammy and grandpas house.

I couldn’t get over how adorable
(I mean handsome and manly)
the boys looked in their jean jackets!

(Mom! He’s squishing me! Watch it, “big” brother…I’m on track to be taller than you…)

(what? I gave him a warning)

Lovely Lilly | part two

I just have to share more of this sweet little face.
Her expressions are priceless.

I went a little nuts with the balloon shots but they’re just. so. fun.

You can’t help smiling when you see her grin.

Will M. – Saline Senior Portraits | Sneak peek

July in Michigan is finicky. The weather can be 70, or 100.
Unfortunately for Will, a Saline senior with patches up and down his WOOL varsity jacket,
it was 90 before noon. Brutal.

He took it like a man, (anything for mom, right Will?) and we got some great shots.

(while walking through downtown Saline I saw this stairwell. I love great finds like this.)

This guy breathes rugby.

How cool is this wall.

I asked Will what the Iron Man patch was for on his jacket.
It’s for not missing one practice or game.
That. Is. Dedication.

Thanks for melting putting up with me in the heat, Will.
Hope these make it worth it!

Susanna & Jeff | Married

A few more shots from Susanna & Jeff’s wedding.

See it? That is happiness.

Susanna and her sisters. I have brothers, so I’ve always been curious of the sisterhood bond.
These 4 definitely have that bond. (And some good genes! Beauties.)

Her newest sister and adds in a little blonde/blue eyed beauty!

Jeff is a farmer in Australia, how cute is his grooms cake…it even had a John Deere on it!)

The clever and cute table cards.

Rain, Rain Go Away

Some days mother nature just isn’t in a good mood.
Unfortunately this day was one of them. (rain seems to be a re-occurring theme with me)
We did the best with what we had and these little ones are so cute
that even a dark rainy day can’t dull these shiny, happy kiddos!! (and their beautiful mama!)

what do you do when it rains?? run for cover in the playhouse!

what do you do when you’re one year old and it rains? embrace it and SPLASH!

There are moments when the rain…it just gets to you.
I personally love the blooper shots as much as the smiles.

(we rallied through the rain because these were for daddy’s day!
stay tuned for more with daddy and a more prominent #4 in that tiny mama’s belly!)

catching Ella was not as easy as her siblings — girlfriend is on. the. move.

and don’t forget the first born!
I’m not a dog person but this is one gorgeous horse, er,  I mean dog.
How sweet is that face??

Sneak Peek – Lilly Dae!

How can you not smile when you see this little face??

(oh my those BLUE eyes!)

Even a rainy evening didn’t dampen this girl’s mood.
I can’t wait to get my lens on her when its dry and we can go anywhere.
That said…I’m kind of a fan of this bridge tunnel!

Speaking of cute. How adorable are her parents? They are such a fun couple!

There are more to come!! Think… Pink!